1. thecrabqueen:

    crabs will stop at nothing

  2. lgbtlaughs:

    me everytime i accidentally reblog something here that does not belong


  3. ghost-sphincter:




    So THAT’S what a sloth sounds like

    oh no thE ONE IN THE BASKET

  4. frickstiel:




    i’m waking up

    to ash and dust

    I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust

    im breathing in the chemicals


  5. "We need a gif…"


    actual real phone convo PT 1 :

    Them: Wanna get into the meme business?

    Me: What?

    them: we need like a uh…like a animat—like a g- gif?

    them: can you make a gif

    me: Yeah, i mean, I can make like — a gif or a png or a jpg.

    me: Thats a file format.

    them: They wanna make a like animated gif meme

    me: you cant make a meme it doesn’t work like that

    me: thats not how memes work

    them: uhh yeah uhm I dont know ill ask them.

    PT2 :

    them: they want it to just say the name of movie in a like cool way with like an aniamtion

    me: as a .gif file. like 1997 banner ads?

    me: ok so what do they want to use this for

    them: like if you-you put in “best gifs on the web” it would come up

    me: that isnt how that works. that wont work

    them: well believe me we have very good publicists


  6. Sometimes it’s better to ignore stupid news

    I’ve come across a lot of “news” or stories lately, about someone or some group of people saying or doing stupid things - pretty much always political in some way - and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best course of action sometimes is to not give them any more publicity. Just write whoever it is off as a terrible person or group of people and move on. I want to be totally clear that I am NOT saying that you should be a bystander to someone getting hurt or a crime being committed - what I am saying is that some things only get worse the more media attention they get and so passing on a bad idea that only a few people are doing can sometimes do significantly more harm than good.

    Rush Limbaugh is probably a perfect example of this incredibly frustrating phenomenon where the more people publicly denounce him the more popular he becomes and the more money he makes.

  7. URL hoarding

    It really bugs me when people sit on Tumblr sub-domain names and don’t even have the courtesy of posting a single thing. Like, I get it, not everyone is an amazing content creator, or some people just abandon a blog after a while… but it’s a really dick move to claim some amazing URL and then not even try to post anything ever.

    People should lose the rights to their URL if they fail to post anything several months after registering it.

  8. actegratuit:

    A mechanical mind aka JM Gershenson-Gates

  9. thegreatpotatoking:

    This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.

    This needs to become a thing for finding more places

  10. Your brain is not a democracy


    Your brain is not a democracy.

    You get to decide what you believe. You can think things that no one else agrees with. You can also like things no one else likes.

    You can and must think for yourself.

    For instance:

    If someone calls you out for something, it’s important to listen to them, and to think through whether or not you think they are right.

    If a teacher or therapist tells you that something is socially inappropriate, it’s important to think through whether or not you agree.

    If everyone tells you that a TV show you like is awful, it is still ok for you to decide whether you like it

    If everyone tells you that something you like isn’t age appropriate, it’s still ok for you to decide you like it.

    Your thoughts and tastes are yours. You are the one who should decide what you like, believe, and spend time doing.

    An important message about mental health

  11. doktorvondoom:

    do you ever look at someone’s art and go “i need to step up my fucking game i’m embarrassing”

    EVERY day

  12. Chvrches: Recover

  13. jack-frost-froze:



    For mobile just hold the reblog button


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